Please help me choose a Laptop comp!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by DocGibby, Jun 17, 2000.

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    I know I've posted this before, so for those of you that have responded previously please bare with me and respond again if you'd like.

    Let me first start by saying I am going to purchase a laptop. Secondly, I don't want to spend much more than $1500 max. However I'm willing to bend a bit on that criteria. I'm basically looking for best bang for the buck on a budget. I'm utterly torn though, on expensive qualitly vs cheap trash.

    I want a system that can handle current
    and future applications with relative ease for at least the next 4 years. I realize this stuff goes obsolete before I get it out of the box. So, I figure a system with a minimum of 500 mhz should do the trick. What do you think? I could go bigger, but remember I'm watching the budget.

    So here's my request:

    Please sound off on your rants and raves of the various brands you've had the fortune or missfortune of owning. I want this thing to last worry-free for at least 4 years.

    Those of you with the AMD processors, do you find that they are as competent as Intel's Celeron?

    For those that know, would you recommend holding off on purchasing for another month (ie do you expect prices do start droping off considerably)?

    I heard nothing but raves for the Sonys and the Dells. However, we're getting closer to school and neither of these rather expensive systems seems to be dropping in price. They've been pretty stable for months. Is the extra cash really worth it? I they that much better in quality?

    I've heard a considerable amount of Compaq bashing, with only one person defending it.

    I'd also like to here from the toshiba people as well as the HP people. I've heard nothing about these systems or any others such as Acer, IBM ect....

    I know this is a mouthfull, but I'm really pulling my hair out over this. I'd appreciate any comments you might have to any of the above questions.


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    Oh I was going to start this topic but you beat me to it!

    My school also 'strongly recommends' a laptop but aren't yet requiring one. Any advice is helpful!!!

    Here are some brands they recommended Micron and Tangent... these are in addition to those mentioned above.

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    I'll move this to The Lounge for ya... :D

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