Please help me with DIY Postbacc

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May 3, 2020
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I don't know exactly know how to approach this.
I have taken Physiology at my UC however, I got a C+. Can I retake Physiology with lab at a local CC post-grad? Is this taken into account and is it allowed? My university (UCSB) did not allow re-takes for any class above a C-, so I have this strange feeling that I am not even allowed to re-take it at a CC after graduation.

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You can retake the class, but I'm not sure why you want to retake it. All your grades are taken into account, so Physiology at a CC would count towards your GPA. I don't know of any programs where Physiology is a Pre Req and I believe Goro would suggest not retaking a C+. I personally wouldn't retake a C+.