MD Please help with school list

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Jan 14, 2016
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So, I'm having a really tough time trying to figure out where to apply and how many schools to apply to. My list as it stands is full of top-tier schools, and I really need to round it out a bit, so I was hoping people could help with that.
Stats: cGPA: 3.98
sGPA: 3.98
MCAT: Taking on May 20, practice tests consistently 516-518
Volunteering (Clinical): Ongoing, currently ~50 hours at a small neurology/respiratory hospital unit
Volunteering (Non-clinical): Pretty minimal, 10-ish hours volunteering with school marching and pep band for various short service projects
Research: ~500 hours (Very rough ballpark, I've been involved in research since summer before sophomore year); no publications, but will have an honors thesis by the time I graduate
Shadowing: ~50-70 hours between a neuro-ophthalmologist, a neurologist, a nephrologist, and a GI doctor. Have shadowing set up with pediatrician this summer.
Leadership: Trumpet section leader for marching band, Krav Maga Vice President
ECs: Various other sports clubs

School List
University of Connecticut (State school, conditional acceptance via BS/MD program)
Quinnipiac (Not sure I'd go here, but it's in CT so I figure I should apply)
Mt. Sinai (I'd reaaallly love to go here :D)
SUNY Downstate
John's Hopkins

Yeah, it's very very top heavy. I'd maybe like to eliminate some of the reach schools listed here in favor of some more attainable ones, so I'm not just throwing money away. I'm open to looking pretty much anywhere, not limited to northeast, but most of my choices are probably going to be in the northeast.

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Really, this is hard to answer without an actual MCAT score. In terms of ECs, your app is very cookie cutter and not fit for many of those top schools even if you were to get a 99th percentile MCAT. If you do score high, I recommend adding WashU as they seem to love high stat applicants. Otherwise, I'd tone the list down a bit unless you have no financial pressures.

If you don't think you'd attend a school (e.g. Quinn), then why waste your time/money and their time/money? Only apply to schools where you can see yourself attending. BU is very low yield and you need some good reason/luck to get in there. I see maybe 2-3 schools on your list that you would have a reasonable chance at assuming you do well on the MCAT.