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What is the purpose of this forum?
This forum is for threads about
-your chances at medical school acceptance
-your medical school application list
-individual feedback on your preparation to apply for medical school
or other similar threads. Misplaced threads on these topics will be moved here.

Instructions for Thread Starters

Welcome to the "What are my chances" subforum of SDN! Please read the following rules and guidelines before posting.
-Please do not call out specific members in the title of your thread
-Please include the word "Texas" in your thread title if you are only applying in Texas. Similarly, include "International"
or "Canadian" as applicable if you are not a US citizen. This will help users with the appropriate expertise find your thread.
-If you feel that your thread needs an extra level of anonymity, you may send me (sector9) a PM with the
post contents and thread title and I will post it for you. This option should only be used if you feel it is absolutely necessary. Patience may be needed before the post appears.

Here is some suggested information to include in your thread. This is not an exhaustive list but should be considered the minimum to accurately help you:

-Your cumulative and science GPA (following AMCAS or AACOMAS calculation standards
, as applicable)
-Your MCAT score (if available)
-Clinical volunteer activities
-Physician shadowing (include specialties and total hours)
-Nonclinical volunteer activities
Include timespan and weekly commitment for clinical experience (work or volunteer), research, other employment, and nonmedical community service.

Instructions for All Posters

The WAMC forum is designed to facilitate a collaborative environment in which members share constructive criticism and offer sincere yet tactful feedback to other members. It is not intended for discussions regarding affirmative action, allopathic vs. osteopathic medical schools, or
other inflammatory topics.

Please be aware that condescension or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Users who choose to behave in this way will be disciplined accordingly. Be sure to
always follow Rule #2 from the SDN Terms of Service:
Be courteous and contribute positively. If you're not contributing to the forums in a positive manner, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently close your account.
If you see a post breaking these rules, please use the "Report Post" (
) feature.

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Information on Individual Medical Schools:
MD & DO: SDN's collaborative effort on medical school statistics - Compilation of freely-accessible statistics from school websites (Thread here)
MD: Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) - The official AAMC resource for school data, including school information, statistics, and prerequisites
DO: College Information Book (CIB) - The official AACOM resource for school data, including school information, statistics, and prerequisites
MD & DO: US News Graduate School Compass - A third-party resource containing information self-reported by both allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. Does not contain information on all schools
MD & DO: SDN's Interview Feedback - Contains actual interview questions as well as school impressions from interviewees

Pre-Osteopathic Helpful Links:
-Refer to the Pre-Osteopathic FAQ and the AACOMAS website as your initial resource for general questions

-AACOMAS GPA Calculation Spreadsheet

-How do I classify my courses when calculating my science GPA?

-Which schools require a DO LOR?

Pre-Allopathic Helpful Links:

-Refer to the most recent Applicant Sticky and the AMCAS website as your initial resource for general questions

-AMCAS GPA Calculation Spreadsheet
[Excel spreadsheet posted on a University of South Florida premedical resources page]
-How do I classify my courses when calculating my BCPM GPA?

-AMCAS Grade Conversion guide

Relevant Threads from the Pre-Allo FAQ Series:
-Pre-Allo FAQ Series:What is more important GPA or MCAT?
-Pre-Allo FAQ Series: How many schools should I apply to?
-Pre-Allo FAQ Series: Are EC's really required, and if so which ones?
-Pre-Allo FAQ Series: What's most important in where to apply?

Answers from Past SDN Advisors:

-Medical School Admissions: How can I improve my chances?

-Medical School Admissions: Special Circumstances

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