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plz answer these questions


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Sep 15, 2006
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The articulating aurface of the adult mandibular condyle is covered by which of the following substances?

a.elastic tissue
b.synovial membrane
c.hyaline cartilage
d.typical perichondrium
e.collagenous connective tissue

A blow that shatters the coracoid process wil have a direct effect on which of the following pairs of the muscles?

a.serratus anterior and pectoralis major
b.subscapular and pectoralis major
c.biceps brachi and pectoralis major
d.subscapularis and subclavius
e.deltoid and subclavius

The spleen is in closest relation to which of the following?

b.right kidney
c.ascending colon
d.right lobe of the liver
e.inferior surface of the diaphragm

whaich has lower P02

-venous blood or expired air

parkinsons disease affects
-caudate nucleus or substantia nigra
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