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Nov 16, 2005
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angel for 32 said:
hi friends,
i have my part1 on 30th july but i feel confident about only two sections out of four.I can postpone the exam but i am going out of US for a month and would be back around 15th september.I want to know what all schools i would be able to apply to if i give my exam around mid november(taking two months time for preparation).
If i give the exam now and dont get good result i wont be able to give it before 1st nov even if i am prepared before i wanna know if i should postpone this exam?also does it make a difference if i give it by mid oct/mid nov.i mean if i have to apply to east coast schools by what time should i finish with my part1?
i would appeciate the help...
plz plz respond..
thanks in advance...
well sdn's can just advice you..finally you have to decide when to take test
actually i can just say that give when you feel you are prepared not b4 ..if you consider your options for east coast you can wait till 15th dec [lately]to apply but preferably do before.but its always good to apply with better score late then low score early,right.
so if you feel you are not prepared at the moment dont go for it..prepare for couple of more months than too postponed my test twice before taking it ..thanks for prometric center to provide this facility
good luck with your test and give your best shot :thumbup:
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Sep 7, 2004
according to me, nobody feels confident and be sure of scoring above 90's before the exam........u have to decide based on how u have been studying...if u have studies religiously for 4 to 5 months ( just giving a rough idea....varies from individual to individual....maybe 2 months to a year). dont postpone it........just take it...but if u feel u have a lot cover, then it is a good idea to postpone.....coz anyways u have no plans of applying to west if u get a good score in october or november, u can still aply to east coast.......good luck!!!
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