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Jan 26, 2010
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My good friend and I just started a free mentorship page called The Virtual Physiatry Mentors. Follow us on IG and FB by searching for the name.

This page is for aspiring PM&R medical students, residents and fellows. We will be using this platform for medical education and mentorship within our wonderful field of physiatry. Saw a need for this mentorship during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Away rotations are being canceled and people may not have as easy access to mentors anymore.

If anyone knows of aspiring PM&R medical students, residents or fellows who may be interested, send them to our IG/FB.

We post daily PM&R tidbits from must-knows for rotations to business of medicine. I've attached our schedule. Every Sunday and sometimes Saturdays we host a FB live with special guests in the field. This Sunday we are hosting a really down-to-earth physiatrist who has mentored 100s of students (Dr. Omar Selod).

Check it out!


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