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PMR, psych, OMM

Discussion in 'PM&R' started by MadPuppy2005, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. MadPuppy2005

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    Mar 23, 2001
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    Hi, everyone. I'm a 3rd year osteopathic student. will apply to residency in a few months. I love OMM, MS medicine, so in my 1st 2 yrs , I always wanted to do FM with OMM, IM with OMM, or PM&R with OMM as my future career. However, having had psychiatry(inpatient), I felt psych is my 1st choice, don't know about PM&R yet, hoping to rotate in september. I had posted a thread named OMM and psych. I was thinking about doing both psych and OMM, just not OMM on my psych patient. my plan would be doing a full/part time as a psychiatrist and work part time as a OMM specialist either in a private office or with a group of family docs. I just hate to give up OMM, I was told the plan would work. but most people who do OMM are D.O family docs. Would I get into any legal trouble for having a dual specialty practice? Would the insurance be reluctant to pay me for OMM if they know Im a psych by training? How would you PM&R folks feel about refering your patient to a psych who also practices OMM?

    I could do PM&R, but I'd have to give up psych. AT the same time, I'm very good at OMM, would hate to go into a specialty where u have to give it up. I know there are surgeons, IM subspecialist who love OMM and still do it part time. but any D.O psychs out there do OMM? doesn't that sound strange? OMM and psych are what I love most right now. Please help me by giving me more advise and suggestions. Please read my post named OMM and psych in the psychiatry section as well.
  2. normalforce

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    Jun 5, 2003
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    Attending Physician

    You can do psych and OMM.

    Do part-time psych and do OMM from the same office, just put your table in another room. YOu can do psych M,W,F and OMM T,R. Just because your residency is in Psych, does not mean that you give up OMM. The fact that youare a DO automatically qualifies you for OMM reimbursement from Medicare/caid and insurance co's. Hey, why not have it all.

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