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Aug 4, 2013
  1. Pharmacist
    I’m an incoming MS1 and was hoping to get some recommendations for podcasts or audio resources for my commute to and from school. I have heard of goljian but wanted to see if there is more out there that people would recommend.

    Chelsea FC

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    May 21, 2013
    1. Medical Student
      Something non medical. Medical school will be a huge chunk of ur life the key is finding ways to escape from it. Im a huge sports fan so I listen to those podcasts alot of my classmates listen to serial killer pods. People who listen to medical-related podcasts are more geared to the non-science parts of medicine and the WCI wtc.
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      May 13, 2016
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        I would agree with Chelsea FC that your commute can be a nice time to decompress from medicine and listen to stuff that is more entertaining. However, if you are set on finding some decent medical ones, The Curbsiders, Clinical Problem Solvers and Run the List are some good ones. As an M1-M2 I'd probably lean more towards Clinical Problem Solvers and Run the List since they are usually shorter episodes, more case based and typically explain more of the pathophysiology.
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          You could try audible and listen to audiobooks you like. I agree with the non-clinical crowd...medical school has a tendency to creep into every aspect of your life, so carving out a few protected moments to do something you enjoy can be a harbor in the storm, so to speak.

          However, if you like medical mystery type stuff, I really enjoy this series:

          Also, if you decide to use Goljan (mostly for 2nd year), you don't have to buy them, just search Goljan on Spotify.
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          Do it.
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        • Jan 11, 2016
          1. Medical Student
            For two non-medical podcasts, check out Fake Doctors, Real Friends (a scrubs podcast hosted by Donald Faison and Zach Braff) and Welcome to Night Vale (a fiction podcast that tells weird and funny stories about a strange desert community through a community radio format). They are both amazing and great for a commute.
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