Jan 6, 2015
I heard back from a POI a few days ago after inquiring about her status for taking on a new student and work in her lab. In my e-mail to her I let her know broadly and generally what my interests moving forward into graduate education were. She sent a really nice reply back, and wanted to set up a phone meeting to talk more about my experience and interests.

I of course said that would be great, and really am looking forward to it! I just wonder if anyone else has had a pre-application phone meeting like this before, and if so, is there any general advice I should follow? I currently work on several different projects and wonder, should I explain each one to her? Should I keep my responses more general? Should I approach this conversation as I would a post-application phone interview?

I'm not particularly nervous about it, at least not more than a normal amount, I just am a person who likes to be as prepared as possible with what type of questions I may be answering. Maybe being over-prepared isn't necessarily a good idea either.

So, just looking for some thoughts/experiences/advice from others who've had phone conversations with POIs!