Possible C in General Chemistry II

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Oct 1, 2017
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I just finished my final for Gen. Chem II and I feel like my low B will drop to a C. Do I still have a chance of getting into prestigious schools or medical schools in general?
To give you a better idea of my potential as a med school candidate, I'll list my stats below:

-Just finished first semester of Sophomore year at community college
- (I'm a dual-enrolled high school student majoring in Biology)
-3.4 CGPA and 3.2 SGPA
-Goal gpa by end of junior year: 3.7 CGPA
-Volunteer at Hospital for 2 years
- Clerical work, transporting patients, patient support, tour guide, deliveries
-LEADERSHIP: train new volunteers
-Internship/Undergrad research since November
- Intern at research group that is currently working on lab experiments to investigate explosives and its applications in the real world
-Work: Child Care Assistant
- Serve meals to families; during family counseling, I watch children and participate in teaching lessons through arts and crafts
-E.C's: Key Club/Kiwanis
- Phi Theta Kappa; possibly depending on whether I get a B in my chem class
- Requirement: 3.5 GPA, invitation-based

I'm also looking into more clinical experience at a free clinic and shadowing. If anyone has any suggestions for volunteer experience or approach to asking about shadowing doctors or free clinics please respond!!! Also, there aren't many clubs offered at a CC, and I'm also in a few high school clubs like NHS, but I'm sure that doesn't matter in terms of medical school.

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C+ in General Chemistry I, 5 MD acceptances so far. Just make sure to focus on getting all As from here on out.
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