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  1. D

    The best path to take??

    Hi everyone, so I'm a dietetic (clinical nutrition) student graduating this May from a Masters Program. Halfway through the program, I realized I wanted to dive way deeper into medicine and decided to shoot for medical school afterward. Here is where I'm torn... This program allows me to sit...
  2. ush02

    What are my next moves as a pre-med?

    Hi, all, Currently a trad junior at a state school, planning to apply end of my senior year. As it stands right now, I know that I am very much behind the curve when it comes to ECs and whatnot. I have a 3.88 cGPA, and I'm registered to take the MCAT in September; already worried about this as...
  3. D

    Any suggestions on what to do if it’s too late to take premed and also can’t afford post-bacc?

    I am senior, I was planning to on delaying graduation to Spring 2023 to take pre-medicine classes for medical school. My university had said that I would qualify for federal aid still since I didn’t use all 150% of aids but I recently found out I was misinformed by the financial aid office. So...
  4. P

    Can't figure out if this class more sufficient than the other

    I am heading into my last semester of undergrad. I am currently taking Cell Biochemistry this winter and I am scheduled for Biochemistry I in the spring semester. I am not sure if I need or should take the Biochemistry I class because my overall GPA is hovering at around 3.49 overall at the...
  5. M

    SMP or DIY/Formal Post-Bacc for MD/PhD?

    Hi everyone, I am currently in my first gap year working in a lab full-time (3000+ research hours and hopefully 2 pubs by June 2022). I was looking to apply to MD/PhD programs for the 2022-2023 cycle but my stats are a bit lacking: 516 MCAT, 3.2 uGPA (3.74 sGPA, pretty severe downward trend...
  6. mj4566

    Non-traditional Pre-Med Advice Needed

    Hi, so I recently graduated with my BA in Psychology. In Decemeber, I will start my full-time job as a patient sitter in a local hospital. Now, to fulfill the pre-reqs needed for med school I was contemplating whether to go for the post-bacc program in William Paterson or in Rutgers-Newark. I...
  7. B

    Need help with gpa. I have a strong upward trend... but still.

    So I first started off pretty bad in that I had a 3.4 cgpa and 2.7 sgpa in a community college. I had 5 W's when I was in community college with a grade of C in General Biology 1, General Chemistry 1, precal 1, and genetics. The only science classes I got an A in was in general biology 2 and...
  8. J

    Am I screwed?

    I was a Neuroscience major my Freshman year. I am in the first semester of my Sophomore year as a Data Science major (and quit pre-med). I want to go back to pre-med and Neuroscience, but did I already ruin my chances of going to medical school?
  9. B

    Retaking Dual-Credits for Medical School??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could have some advice. I have been so frustrated by this dilemma! I am going to be a university freshman this upcoming fall, but I got an Associates from my early college high school through a community college, so I am technically a sophomore. Nevertheless...
  10. H

    UVA v. UNC Chapel Hill for Pre Med

    Hello, I’m a high school senior and was fortunate enough to receive full ride scholarships to both UVA and UNC Chapel Hill. I like them equally but hope to go premed with the goal of becoming a surgeon. Which school do you recommend for pre med and why? TIA
  11. H


  12. SupremeUncle

    Rejected from Rowan MBS Program, offered Quick Admit, what should I do?

    Background: I graduated class of 2019 with like a 2.5cGPA and like a <2.0 sGPA. Undiagnosed ADHD lead to most of my failures. As bad my stats are, my extracurriculars make up for it. I've been scribing for nearly 3 years now, became a head trainer at my site, and 200 hours of internship with a...
  13. M

    Would a professor who is an MD count as a physician letter?

    I recently decided I'd like to go to Med School after changing my mind about it in undergrad. I will be able to apply next cycle but am worried about getting a physician letter due to COVID and not being able to shadow right now or for the foreseeable future. While I do have shadowing hours, I...
  14. H

    MD .

  15. H


  16. S

    Balancing courses outside of my major and pre-med

    Hey guys! I am an incoming second year undergraduate student. I really want to take an art course to go along with my pre-reqs and everything. Right now, I’m at 18 credits, and I am taking ochem, ochem lab, genetics, fundamentals of neuroscience (a required course for my major), ASL, and...
  17. ladreamin

    I wanna do pre-med but I don't know how...

    I'll be a freshman this Fall and I really want to pursue pre-med. I'm an international student and so I need to go to med school (if I can reach that stage, that is) right after undergrad, w/o taking a gap year, due to visa issues. So my question is, is that possible if I take my MCAT in the...
  18. samantharoberts

    Intro Physics or Organic Chemistry over the summer

    Hi all, So I am currently trying to decide between taking organic chemistry or physics over the summer. I am a rising junior and I took orgo in the spring but had to withdraw after midterms. My first exam did not go as well as I planned and trying to get my grade in the class to a descent...
  19. Potatus

    MD & DO What Are My Chances 508 MCAT & School List Help for Borderline Reapplicant

    Hi all, I am looking for some guidance on how to better portray my application and narrowing down a school list for reapplying to MD/DO (mostly DO) this cycle. I am aware of my terrible science gpa and the uphill battle I face with admissions, but believe that I have a compelling application to...
  20. S

    Oxford Master's before Medical School

    So I recently received some good news about having been accept to Oxford for a master's in social policy, but the only thing holding me back is the cost, which I estimate to be around $40k in loans when I already have loans from undergrad. Some background about me is that I currently attend an...
  21. C

    Medical school chances?

    Hi guys! I’m a biological sciences sophomore with a 3.477 GPA (3.29 science GPA). I’ve been told that I’m not competitive at the moment for med school. I like medicine a lot and want to be realistic about my chances. I’d also like to list my extracurriculars so you can see my whole resume...
  22. L

    Clinical Research as an Pre-medical student?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a sophomore pre-medical student and I am involved in clinical research with an academic general surgeon. I have one poster presentation, no publications yet. Most of the studies are retrospective chart reviews. Is this a good position for me to be in or should I...
  23. StressoEspresso

    Post-Bac/Special Masters Programs

    Hi Guys! I'm a long time lurker on SDN and recently made an account to get some advice. I'm applying to SMP and post-bac programs to improve my academic record (I have an upward trend in the last two years). I already have tons of research experience, clinical shadow hours from scribing...
  24. chunkyfilms

    Where can I take a Biochemistry Lab?

    I'm registered to take a 3 credit Intro to Biochem lecture, but I'm looking to add a lab in the future just in case I need it. The school I'm taking it at doesn't offer a lab at all. They're going to start offering a 4 credit Biochem course during the winter but it will still just be a lecture...
  25. L

    Touro Harlem vs Middletown

    On the secondary, it seems like you are only allowed to apply for one of the two campuses. All feedback is appreciated. Here are my questions: 1. Pros and cons of both? 2. Does anyone think one site is more competitive than the other? (I was thinking about applying to the one that isn't as...
  26. D

    Gap Year Ideas: Should I do a post-bac/SMP?

    Advice please! I am not applying this cycle; I will be applying next cycle. Undergrad- Tulane University (graduating May 2020) Hometown- Ft. Lauderdale, FL Major- Neuroscience Minor- English cGPA- 3.3... I had an awful semester during the fall of my junior year (first time officially being...
  27. P

    Struggling with which calculus to take as a pre-med, if at all???

    I am a 3rd year college student currently enrolled in the "hard/engineering" 5 credit calculus and geometry course at my university as opposed to the "easier" calculus for life sciences class. The reason I am taking the 5 credit calculus is because my concentration of "pre-med" within psychology...
  28. M

    When should you begin studying for the MCAT? What was your best study method for the MCAT?

    Rocky GPA, NEED a high MCAT score. I want to begin studying now but I know it's early. Just feel anxious. What tools, books, study programs, anything, did you use to study for the MCAT and get a high score?
  29. M

    How many hours of clinicals, volunteering, and research are a competitive amount? Also how should I keep track/log my hours?

    In a previous post I mentioned that my GPA isn't exactly ideal. I can end off my bachelors degree with a decent GPA somewhere around sGPA 3.8ish and cGPA 3.6ish. This is obviously not that competitive of a GPA, not too bad either but when they see my transcript and see how awful I did the past...
  30. justtryinghere010101

    Clinical Quality, Safety, and Leadership Executive Master's, Should I do it?

    I'm planning to strengthen my application for medical school and was looking into programs that will help me do that. I came across Georgetown University's Clinical Quality, Safety, and Leadership Executive Master's program. I wanted to know if this seems like a program that will strengthen my...
  31. G

    Severe Ampicillin Allergy - thoughts?

    Hi All, I’m one of the people that keeps positing about weird medical situations on this site. If I had to explain it all, I’d say that my body is on fire. I’ve always known I’ve had an ampicillin and amoxicillin allergy, (as well as mupericin, azythromycin, and erythromycin allergies.) I’m not...
  32. K

    How to improve my application

    I'm looking for some advice on how to strengthen my application for this summer. GPA: 3.596 MCAT: 508 Volunteering: 3400+ hrs (2 yrs AmeriCorps, Hospital, and Clinic volunteering) Shadowing: currently shadowing weekly, and will continue until I apply (# to shoot for?) Lab work: 840+...
  33. B

    DO Senior Year, 2.918 cGPA, WAMC for DO?

    Senior Year, 1 semester left Ethnicity: Asian Male Biology major with a concentration in BME Minors: Chemistry and Bioinformatics cGPA: 2.918 sGPA: ~2.8 MCAT: n/a (i know, if i had a score it would help better) Current EC's: -Emergency Department Scribe (2 years and will continue, ~30 hours per...
  34. B

    New Prerequisite List Problem

    Hi all, I recently graduated and I'm currently in my gap year, working to save up for those app fees. But I just found out that one of the schools I really wanted to get into (U of AZ Tucson), changed their prerequisite list for the cycle I'm applying in. So now I'm missing 1 semester of...
  35. I

    How do I find a doctor who would be willing to let me shadow them?

    I am a freshman pre-medical student attending school at the University of Central Florida. I recently began volunteering at the Nemours Children's Hospital in the surgical unit as I hope to become a pediatric surgeon or neurosurgeon. Based on the advice of my counselor, I was hoping I would have...
  36. snowdrift

    Applied to Vet School. Got In. Didn't Go. Med School Now?! Help, Please.

    Alright, everyone. I'm posting this over in the Pre-Med world because I want their opinions, too. I've reached what I'm calling my quarter life crisis because I'm stuck in a weird place. I'm going to be brutally honest here because I need brutally honest feedback. I was accepted to a few vet...
  37. snowdrift

    Applied to Vet School. Got In. Didn't Go. Med School Now?! Help, Please.

    Alright, everyone. I've reached what I'm calling my quarter life crisis because I'm stuck in a weird place. I'm going to be brutally honest here because I need brutally honest feedback. I was accepted to a few vet schools a few years back coming out of undergrad. Strangely enough, when I was...
  38. Hunter the Bean

    Taking Physics and Organic Chemistry Together?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a 2nd year on the pre-med track, and I am in the midst of a dilemma. I am finishing up Biology 2 and General Chemistry 2 this semester and am planning on taking Organic Chemistry 1 next semester (Spring 2019). I want to have all my pre-requisites completed by Spring...
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  40. sushi18

    Thinking of doing 2 public health labs... am I crazy?

    As the title says, I'm considering working in 2 public health labs with pretty similar topical areas. I know in general this is ill-advised, but what's killing me is that Lab A has a project that I'm really interested in, whereas Lab B has a project that I am not as crazy about but potentially...