Possible for DO to get PM&R match?

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Feb 4, 2012
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I'm in an osteopathic school at the moment and I was wondering if this "DO stigma" will severely limit my chances at getting a PM&R match. I'm only in my first year but I've made all A's so far and I'm highly driven to get into this specialty because I know it is perfect for me.

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You didn't have the lecture yet on us DO's only being able to match into family practice and occasionally into pediatrics or internal medicine if they have all A's?


Stop worrying about that krap and focus on your education. DO's readily match into nearly every PM&R program, including the top ones. For the fields where DO's struggle to match into allopathic/MD residencies (ie surgical subspecialties, derm, etc) - there are osteopathic residencies to match into.
I think the one field most DO-friendly after FP is PM&R.

The % of PM&R residents who are DOs has gone up significantly in the past decade.

Review the NMRP data.