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Nov 22, 2005
So I'm not sure how many of you have found yourself in this situation, but I'm hoping there are others that can share their experience. I have tried directly emailing the programs/schools themselves but haven't gotten much of a response. Here's whats going on....

I am currently applying for Fall 2006 entry into medical school. Since I've been complete for almost 2 months and haven't received one interview invite, I've been focusing on Plan B. Everything on my application is good - MCAT score, lots of ECs, volunteering, shadowing, 4 publications, good PS, great recommendations - except for my undergrad GPA, really not so good. I graduated in June 2004 and since then have been taking undergraduate night science classes to try and boost it a little, but from my experience with medical school applications, it looks like its going to take an entire post bac/special masters program to make my GPA competitive. (Although I can justify the low GPA - lots of family issues going on at the time) So after my conclusion that its probably going to take one of these programs to get into medical school (which I'm completely comfortable with - I don't mind proving to the admissions committees that I am capable and that I've learned to deal with adversity), I've been detailing to path to get there. It seems like everything is in order, I've narrowed it down to: Rosalind Franklin, Georgetown, Drexel, BU and EVMS, but the only problem is that I took the MCAT in August of 2003. This means that although my MCAT is valid for admission into these programs for Fall 2006, its pretty much dated for medical school admission the following year since it will be 4 years old at the date of matriculation. So now I have a couple options:
1. retake MCAT (really not liking this one)
2. only apply to medical schools that take MCAT scores from 4 years since the date of matriculation
3. hope that the school that accepts me into their post bac program might make exceptions for MCAT scores that are one year older than they like given that they accepted me into their post bac with a valid MCAT. i have tried emailing schools to get their take on this but haven't really gotten any answers. schools like rosalind frankling and evms, i think, which have greater linkages, although not guaranteed, might look passed this. (okay, i know, one can hope)

so I'm wondering if anyone else has been in a similiar situation and how you handled it or if anyone has any good advise.
thanks!!!!!!! :)
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