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Jun 12, 2005
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Does anybody know of any programs where you can start in Jan 06? in particular ones for URM (under represented minorities) any response would be useful! thanks!


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Feb 15, 2005
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I know Duquesne has a post bac that starts in the spring. They have both tracks for those who have already completed their pre-reqs, and for those that need to. They also have formal linkage agreements with LECOM, an osteopathic school, and Temple School of medicine. I am also pretty sure that Harvard HCP allows people to start in the spring. Additionally, since it is open enrollment, you dont need to be a formal member of the HCP to take classes at Harvard Extension. You can apply for enrollment after you take classes. But my suggestion would be to take classes at your local university, (make sure its a 4 year school), for the spring and apply to a formal program for next fall. I know it might be a little depressing to think you might not have those grades when you, presumably, apply next summer, but you will probably be better off doing it that way.

There are also some other schools that offer admission in the spring. Columbia's deadline has passed. SFU has passed as well. So as you can see, most of the deadlines for the spring have already passed. Thats why your best bet will be to take classes through a continuing ed program at your local university and apply for a formal program for the fall. Hope this helps.