Post bacc advice for a Psychology major

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Nov 1, 2015
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I will be graduating in May from Northeastern University in Boston, I am a CT resident. I was interested in forensic psychology but now I am thinking about forensic psychiatry for a variety of other reasons. This means med school and a post bacc program for me because I haven't taken the requirements in college. I will be graduating with a 3.5 and have had a lot of good experiences, but unfortunately from a med school perspective they are psych related, research in various labs, full time work at a residential facility, interned in a prison, etc.

I am now wondering if med school would be realistic for me. My two concerns are science has never been easy from me, never below B's but takes me a great deal of effort and i have never been strong taking standardized tests (like the MCAT).

Looking for advice on post bacc programs. I would need a "career changer" route but not sure if formal vs informal is crucial. Would love to go to Uconn for post bacc and pre med because of financial reasons, but New England/New York would be the main goal overall also where i would like to settle down. Has anyone been to the Uconn post bacc problem? Worth it? I am afraid because of my background I would need a formal program to stand a chance.