Post-Bacc Advice (Bryn Mawr; GWU)

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Nov 28, 2023
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I’ve been accepted to two Post-Bacc Pre-Med programs. Is one a better holistic option to set me up for success on med school apps and beyond? Clearly Bryn Mawr is highest ranked, but does the scholarship at GWU tilt the odds?

1. Bryn Mawr College
2. George Washington University (with substantial scholarship)

Thanks in advance - love reading through everyone’s experience and insights!

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Ranking only matters in terms of med school acceptance rates. Bryn Mawrs success rate is over 98%. GW says they have about 90% success rate getting into school. What’s your goal?
Great response. My goal is to get into a top caliber med school. My question then becomes: does attending Bryn Mawr over George Washington make a material difference in med school admission outcomes, holding GPA and MCAT scores equal?

Basically, will the value of the Bryn Mawr name carry additional weight in the eyes of med school adcoms?
It makes a difference in terms of linkages. Bryn mawr has linkages with some of the best med schools in the country: NYU, Cornell, Brown, Umichigan, Pitt, Boston, Rochester. These are all top 30 schools. GWU has a linkage with sidney kimmel, GWU and Suny I believe.

If you are planning on taking advantage of the linkage program (your undergrad, science and post have have to be high to even be considered) and are really gunning for top schools- I think Bryn Mawr is something to consider. However, getting into any med school is a huge accomplishment and sidney kimmel and gwu are good schools as well and can get you to any specialty you want to go to.