Post bacc at CC last day drop a possibility B in Microbiology need advice

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Nov 16, 2019
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  1. Pre-Medical
BA is not in science or got any science classes other than math. That GPA sucks, maybe 2.25. So waited several years and started at CC due to budget issues. Now 4.0 and in honors. Thinking about taking MCAT and apply next year. This microbiology class just freaks me out since the exams are way harder than the materials in class. Most classmates are struggling and the prof. even sent us email to remind us the drop deadline. I am daydreaming about matriculate 2022. And won’t completed all prerequisites right before M1, so the med school won’t see my complete refreshed transcript. Therefore I am so confused about if I should withdraw this class today since I suffered a lot and don’t want to get another W either. I’ve already got a lot Ws due to life events.
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