Nov 13, 2013
Hi everyone! Looking for some insight into how I might fare with applications at several post-bacc programs. I am interested in applying to SFSU, Mills, UCB-Extension, CSUEB, and Scripps. Strongly leaning towards Mills of SFSU and would like to know if I have a chance at getting in.

My stats:

- Graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Oregon in June 2013 (2010-2013)
BS in Elementary Education, 3.94 GPA

At UO, I have a W in a PE elective because I broke my wrist, and yet another from a course I withdrew from due to the death of a family member. However, I had a 4.0 in my major and graduated with a high GPA, including A's in science courses for non-majors.

-Attended Chapman University from 2008-2010
Liberal Studies major, 3.64 GPA

My transcripts contain 2 W's my first semester freshman year, due to my lack of understanding of the system and thinking withdrawing was the same as dropping a class at the beginning of a term (whoops). The classes were a piano elective and a lower-level sociology course. I have a C+ in a Forensics (Biology) course taken freshman year.

-ACT: Composite - 30, English - 35, Math - 22, Reading - 32, Science - 29, English/Writing - 31
-SAT: Composite -1840, Reading - 670, Math - 530, Writing - 640

I have spent extensive time volunteering with children over the past 10 years, but only started this month volunteering in a medical setting. I did do some work in South Africa monitoring nutrition statistics, but it was only a few days in duration. I am dedicated to pursuing a health profession (pediatrics) but am worried my lack of experience will hurt my application.

Thanks for any and all tips!