Sep 11, 2013
I am currently in my fourth and final year of undergraduate studies, and will be graduating in June 2014.

My MCAT is 37 (12,13,12), but my accumulative GPA is at 3.1 (sGPA at 3.0) at the moment. I know it is too low to be competitive for medical schools.

Therefore, I decided to apply to post bacc and SMPs around the country.

I'm currently thinking about applying to Georgetown SMP, Temple ACMS, UCSD Post-Bac, and Drexel IMS.

How are my chances of getting in those programs? Are there any other programs that you would recommend?


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Oct 30, 2006
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Wow, UCSD has a non-URM redemption postbac? This is terrific news. If you're in California then you should be all over that.

Two important things:
1. Protect your MCAT score. Your plan needs to focus on getting an acceptance before that score expires, unless you're confident you could do it again. This may mean that you need to focus on schools outside California.

2. Study the lists of SMPs in the sticky at the top of the forum. Apply to every program that looks reputable, right away (before the year is up). App fees for 10-15 programs is an investment, not potentially wasted money. While you're waiting to see if you get accepted, do your homework by investing dozens of hours reading the reviews from current and former students and looking hard for information that applies to your specific situation.

You haven't done enough work to understand your options, at all. You're going to quickly find that you left out obvious programs and you included programs to which you're not eligible. So get to work.

Best of luck to you.