Post Bacc's with linkages

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May 6, 2013
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Hi guys, I am starting this thread to see if I can compose a list of all the post bacc/smp programs that offer a linkage to med school. If you guys know a program or is in a program that has linkage please mention it in this thread. I am currently studying for the mcat and I might do a post bacc/smp to beef up my app. Thanks in advance.

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I think if you're studying for your MCAT, you most likely want an SMP vs a Post Bacc. Most of the formal "Post Bacc" programs are for people who have not taken very many premed requirements or the MCAT.

That being said, some Post Bacc programs with linkages that are fairly well known:

Bryn Mawr - 20 link schools
Johns Hopkins - 12 link schools
Goucher College - 10 link schools
UPenn - 9 link schools

I've heard from a friend in UPenn's program that linkage isn't really seriously discussed by the advisor, but that's just secondhand information. At Bryn Mawr a decent number of students every year end up applying to link. Not positive about the other schools.

Temple has a post bac that let's you matriculate directly into their med school pending a certain level of performance during your time in their program. If I recall they have a "traditional" postbac and one for students who have already taken their prereqs/MCAT. I fell into the first category so didn't really look into the second option at all.

Best of luck.
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