Jul 25, 2016
Veterinary Student
Hi All-

With the end of my fourth year rapidly approaching, I'm looking into different options for post graduate advancement. There is, of course, the traditional rotating internship/specialty internship/residency route; but the more I look at the interns and residents around the university hospital, the less appealing that option seems (case load is crap to start with, then you have to share cases with umpteen VM4s. Plus, I've got a strong interest in anesthesia, and after two rotations through the anesthesia service, I'm not at all happy about the teaching, or lack-there-of which goes on). Never being a very traditional person, this sent me looking for some non-traditional routes, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience.

I was first looking at some of the masters programs available through Edinburgh (Royal college of Veterinary medicine)- They offer degrees in both advanced clinical medicine as well as anaesthesia/analgesia.

Next, I was considering membership and then fellowship in the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists- They still have 'alternative' options to becoming a specialist, much like some of the American colleges used to offer. I'm hoping this would allow me to work, pursue a mentorship, and advance my skills.

Alternately, I was thinking about ABVP certification.

So, my questions-
- has anyone pursued any of these programs?
- does anyone know how a ANZCVS fellowship compares to AVMA diplomate status?
- AVMA diplomate vs ABVP?

Thanks in advance!