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Aug 30, 2014
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Took the exam last Monday got the results today 8 days later but I passed(Relief). I went into the exam thinking time would be a problem and realized by number 235/250 that I still had two hours left(kinda pissed me off). Wish I had at least double checked the math(Calculator Typos), at this point I don't know how someone can run out of time to be honest. In regards to the exam itself, I felt like math was simple compared to Rxprep and instead of them tricking you with different units or wanting you to do multiple steps it was at most 2 steps to get to your answer(Flow rates, allegations, Crcl, Diabetes, Biostats(ARR,NNT,RRR,RR), maybe 1 tpn). As for therapeutics you had the typical HIV, Oncology, Compounding, ID, AntiCoag, HTN, Diabetes and Thyroid disorders from what I remember. My advice is if you have practiced Calculations(Including Biostats/Diabetes) and know it really well take your time on the therapeutics part of the exam. For example, if you need time to use process of elimination to at least help your chances on a question then do it because most of the extra time allotted is for the calculations and make sure to at least take your first break, hope this can help someone!!
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