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Dec 29, 2007
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Hi guys, so i was cementing a post and then creating a resin core. I had good isolation but when I was trying to get the matrix on I had trouble keeping the isolation while putting on the band. I realized that some saliva possible had entered into the post space. I really wish I had an assistant to help, but i was all by myself. Does anyone know if there are any articles on the percent chances of that tooth failing due to contamination of the post space. I eneded up acid ething a little but into teh canal, hoping that the bacteriocidal propeties of phosphoric acid will help me..but i havnt been sleeeping lately over this issue. So iw as wondering if anyone had any same prior experiences or knows of any articles.research done on this topic



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Dec 5, 2006
dont worry about it, if u have good apical seal ur fine, and most likely the seal provided by cement will help against any aerobic bacteria. there is possiblity for failure but remember failure happens from other factors bacterial contamination is just one factor. also remember there are thousands of dentists who prep post space without a rubber dam, i mean if u have 1mm of ferrule are u really able to place an RD over it.