Postbacc taking the Fall semester off for MCAT

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Jan 28, 2022
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I've just completed all my pre-requisite courses via a DIY post-bacc and am debating on using the Fall semester towards full time studies for the MCAT which I plan to write in January (5 months of studies), as well as catching up on clinical hours (I have around 200 so far). My goal is to apply for this upcoming '24-'25 cycle.

The initial plan was to take a few upper division courses during the Fall alongside my MCAT prep, but I'm debating on how much of a marginal benefit this may provide since commuting/HW will easily detract 2-3+ hours per day.

I recognize that taking upper level courses will help to strengthen my application, but it's a tradeoff between that versus a potentially higher MCAT score & more clinical hours, both of which I believe would strengthen my application more. I've done well in all of my pre-reqs (4.0) so I'm hoping that this will be demonstrable of rigor (assuming a good MCAT score) at the tradeoff of upper level courses?

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