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Oct 8, 2016
Medical Student
I unfortunately passed through all the conferences pertaining to my poster. Unfortunately, the ones I am looking at now do not have their own member organized sites so I don't necessarily trust them or think it is worth it to present my work there. I have a tight deadline as most abstracts are being accepted the first week of november. I have no idea on the clarity of my schedule for next year and so I cannot commit to any dates set. How bad does it look if I go present my poster next year like in the fall? I thought about how odd it would look if I presented something I did work on 2018. I need to present this poster because I really want the work to be known and also have the opportunity to network.


Psychologist, Academic Medical Center
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Aug 2, 2010
It won't look odd to present work completed a year ago. Most people won't even pay attention to that. It is probably worth waiting to attend a conference that people in your field generally attend if no other good options are available.
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