practical experience / internship in New Zealand / Who can help!

Apr 2, 2010
I am a pre-veterinarian from Germany (Gießen)! In the last year of our academic studies we have to collect experience in a short (8weeks) "internship".
In combination with the internship I would like to improve my englisch and world-experience! :)
I´d like to spend 8 weeks in an veterinarian hospital or clinic in New Zealand!
Does anyone can help me to find an interessting place! Maybe in Auckland?
Or does anyone of you have some brilliant advices of your own experience to tell me!
I would be very happy about any tips! :)
Thanks allot :thumbup:


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Dec 30, 2004
New Zealand vet hospitals are used to having students, so you can just contact them directly to ask about coming to "see practice." If you don't have a car, you'll want to be sure that the clinic is within walking distance of accommodation -- Google Maps is your friend.

I would recommend you don't ask if you can come for 8 weeks right up front -- that's a long time. Ask if you can see practice for a week, and if the fit is good, continue for another 7. Or, divide your time among 2-3 clinics.

If you don't feel confident in your English, you might try to find a clinic that has someone from Germany working for them -- that way, you'll have a backup if you have any questions you can't get answered in English. You can get a list of all the vets practicing in New Zealand, with the school they graduated from and where they are currently practicing, at the NZ Veterinary Council web site.

Seeing multiple vet clinics in and around Nelson might be fun -- it's a pretty area and the clinics tend to be high quality.

Best of luck!
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