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Jun 26, 2003
I know we have discussed various specialties ad nauseum, however I would like to pose a semi-new question out there.

I, as do most people, try to get the most bang for my buck. So if we rank priorities in the following manner what are some fields that would be rewarding and satisfying. Let's not just discuss derm, ent because those are very competitive to match into. Let's mention more realistic and "practical" enjoyable specialties.

Please don't start lecturing on how we will be doctors and there is a higher responsibility, etc etc. Yeah I know, but we have only one life to live and I plan on enjoying mine, while at the same time contributing to society and helping people. Even doctors in lifestyle specialties who make crazy $$ help people more than any other non-medical profession, so I please don't lecture.


1) Lifestyle
2) $$$$$
3) Helping others
4) Not being bored

I think doing 6 years of res/fell is a very long time (too many years to give up b4 actually starting real doctor life), so if anybody has any thoughts on which specialties are less overwhelming and consuming eventually in the real world (private practice), feel free to chime in.


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Aug 5, 2004
How can we tell you which specialty will be most satisfying for you when we don't even know you or anything about you? In my opinion there really is no way to pick a specialty without experiencing it for yourself and seeing if you like it or you don't. Lifestyle is going to be bad until you're done with residency/fellowship no matter what. You're going to make money and you're going to help people no matter what. As for being bored, that's up to you. You may love radiology but it bores me. I love peds but it may bore you. I don't know you and no one on this forum can tell you what specialty to do except you.