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Jul 9, 2013
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Hi Everyone,

I'm a second year medical student. I do mock interviews for a company at Admissions Ace ( I started doing this side gig because I thought it was rather affordable for most premeds, especially those who can't afford to literally have a life coach put together their application. Anyways, there's been a mixed success. I've had people do mock interviews, but it's been people who can afford to do multiple interviews — i.e. defeating the warm and fuzzy feelings I had when I started at the thought of helping poorer students. The site still is a good cause, that's why they set the prices low. But, I'm still not satisfied with who I'm reaching (it's not an issue of race, it's an issue of who can afford to take the risk of forking over more cash).

So, if you have an interview coming up this cycle please let me know, and I'll do a session pro-bono. I'd rather have this not be a sales pitch of you coming back for more, because there's only so much time I can give up and I'm not looking to line my pockets from people who can't afford it.

- Be an URM - race doesn't matter, you just have to an URM (even if this is purely because of finances, but your race is ORM).
- Like my normal work, I read your PS, AMCAS, secondary entries, and then I use them to interview you on Skype. The mock interview is about 45 minutes, with about 15 minutes of feedback — so the limit of how much I can grill you will be on how much you provide, usually I'd write a write-up, but your feedback will be all verbal.
- Limit 5 people, sorry I know it's sort of a jerk move to set the bar so low. But, I still have my own classes and boards to think about. However, it takes about 1-2 hrs for me to prep for each interview, and an hour per interview. I really apologize for this part, but there's a limit of my hours in the week.
- Last rule, don't pay me. If you want more practice, take good notes off our session and have your friends/mentors work with you. Don't pay me. The only thing I ask for in return is an update of whether things worked out for you or not — I helped people with their for two years, just getting updates makes a lot of work worth it.

Anyways, take it or leave it, I'll still live. Good luck this cycle!

If you're interested, I'd prefer if you emailed me at [email protected]

Update 10/11/15: 0 spots left

Good luck everyone who interviewed with me!
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