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Jan 30, 2009
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(Copy and pasted it from ERAS and the NRMP match thread to ensure some sorta clarification)

Hello everyone,

I think my question has been covered however, I wasn't able to find any recent threads.

1) I'm only interested in IM. I was thinking about applying for categorical and prelim IM spot at the same program. Just trying to increase my chances especially if they don't feel comfortable giving me a spot in the categorical. Perhaps pre lim spot which a chance to prove myself. That's my reasoning.
Is that frowned up because i don't want to screw myself even more.

2) Do i need to indicate my PGY-2 interest while applying for the prelim spot?

3) If i do have to indicate my PGY-2 interest can i just say IM?

4) If i end up applying to categorical and pre lim spot, can i indicate the following somewhere or is it just ******ed? "I'm really interested in your program and would consider a Prelim position with the idea of proving myself to you should you not rank me for a Categorical position."

Thank you!


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