Jun 29, 2016
Hi guys,

I need help making a decision about which pre-med school to apply to. I have added below my grade 11 grades and grade 12 courses I have completed thus far. To draw a better picture I have also included the ECs I have completed this summer and previously.

I am nervous about which schools to apply to. What are each program looking?? I have researched the academic requirements.

Am I a competitive applicant for these programs? (what are the chances of me getting into these programs?):

What does the queens quARMS program look at in particular. The office just said they're looking for a well rounded student with a 90+ average. Very confused in this regard?!

Pre-Med Programs
Queens quARMS program
Mac Health Sciences
Uoft Life Sci
Waterloo Biomedical Engineering


Grade 11 (avg: 89%)
Ancient Civilizations History-85

Grade 12
English- 97
Data Management- 90


Softball Team (Creator, Captain and MVP)
Basketball Team
Volleyball Team
Track and Field Team (ROPSSAA finalist and MVP)


Robotics Club
Waterloo Engaging and Engineering Summer Residency Program
SciHigh Finalist
Helix Program (MATLAB)
Math Contests
Science Club

Peer Project Volunteer Liaison
Student Council
Link Crew Leader
Team Unbreakable Ambassador
100+ Volunteer Hours
May 9, 2014
U of T life sci and Waterloo biomedical engineering are not pre-med programs. For both of these programs, nothing matters other than your grade 12 and grade 11 marks (top 6 from what I remember?). For Mac Health sci, similar story except that you need to get at least 90% in grade 12 and fill out supplementary applications which are just a series of questions they ask you designed to test "how you think outside the box" (all BS btw). What's really interesting is that they're now trying to move away from admitting people who think this will be an easy ride to medical school (which it really is).

QUARMS is another beast altogether, you're essentially applying for medical school right out of high school. Your marks need to be top, 95% + would a good start. You need to have a plethora of life experiences that are long standing, meaningful, demonstrate traits that would prove medicine would be the career for you, and show maturity that is beyond what people would expect from someone your age. There doesn't appear to be anything outright from your application that shows you want medicine, on the contrary you seem more of a hard science/engineering geared person according to your academic ECs. I personally don't think you have a chance at quarms. Not saying this to be rude. I was helping my brother's friend with his application, and he didn't get in. The kid had 97% average in high school, life long extracurriculars in various facets of his community, the key to the city where he lived, appointment to the city council, and a whole bunch of extremely lucrative scholarships in addition to the typical cookie cutter stuff. Ultimately it's up to you but I'd save my time and money and not bother.