Pre-Physical Therapy

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Jul 17, 2019
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Hi everyone would really appreciate some input on my app!
So I recently switched over from pre-dental to pre-physical therapy. I’m not sure what my chances will be after switching. I have over 300 hours shadowing dentists but over 200 hours shadowing pts (pediatrics and outpatients sports med). My overall undergrad GPA was 3.33 and my prereq GPA was 3.34. My GRE was a 148V and 154Q 4.0W. I volunteered at a pediatric pt clinic and a public health dental clinic. I am also on my way to receiving a masters in health science to help improve my GPA. I’m not sure if I stand a chance in this cycle but welcome any advice!

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You got good amount of shadowing in 2 different settings, which is good. You do not have to do more.
GPAs are ok, but make sure you do not waste money applying to schools whose GPA average for accepted students is far beyond your GPA numbers.
Many schools say they want or "prefer" GRE at least 150 points each. So you would have zero or very slim chance in getting accepted to those schools due to your 148V. If schools want just at least 300 points for GRE, you may be ok, but again, you need to see the average GRE scores of accepted students. Ask your schools for those stats.
Good luck!