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  1. T

    Physical Therapy Space

    Hi everyone! We have a 3800 sqft space that is available for a good portion of the day M-F and thought it would be a great place for someone to start out with their practice. Also, open for Saturday and Sunday! We have all the equipment available and are located in Lodi, California. Please let...
  2. D

    Exercise compliance for students, PTs, and patients

    Hey all! Just reaching out to different groups to try and get the ball rolling on improving exercise compliance with patients, giving new exercise ideas for PTs, and giving exercise programs for about anyone. We’re hoping in the next few weeks to add neuro series to give more exercise ideas for...
  3. andrewfalkenpk

    Master's before DPT?

    Hi Everyone, After graduating from my undergraduate college, I have been grinding non-stop to improve my GPA and wanted to know what else there is I can do to stand out. I have been doing my own dual post-bac program at the local community college and local CSU in my hometown to improve my GPA...
  4. R

    Nova-Tampa DPT hybrid class of 2025

    Hello all! I haven't seen a thread on here for Nova's Tampa DPT hybrid program class of 2025. Wondering if anyone has been accepted and have chosen to start this year! Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. rlyles32

    Military PT

    So I’m about to finish my 2nd year of PT school and was curious about military PT. Has anyone gone through the commissioning as an officer process and tell me about their experience? Or is anyone a civilian working for the military and tell me about their experience? The more I look into it the...
  6. P

    PTCAS References

    Hey guys! I was wondering if there is any way to store references somewhere before applying. I am planning on applying to the 2021-2022 application cycle and I know you're supposed to sent a request to your references to submit their letters through PTCAS, but I feel like June is a long time to...
  7. Sunflower44

    PT School Laptop Requirements

    Hi! I am a recently accepted PT student and am looking at getting a new laptop for PT school. I am not the most tech-savvy person so I am looking for any advice possible. I've heard really good things about the iPad Pro but am hesitant on switching from a laptop to a tablet. All advice/insight...
  8. P

    I have no clue what patient population I want to treat - Please please send help!! Any advice welcome!

    Hi everyone! I am a 3rd year DPT student and always envisioned myself going into ortho, I have had 3 clinical rotations thus far (acute, acute with neuro focus, ortho/sports outpatient) I just finished the ortho outpatient clinical and was soooooo anxious and lacked a lot of confidence in...
  9. T

    Holistic studies and choosing a career

    Hello all, I am in the midsts of figuring out what I want to invest my time and money into studying. I have a bachelors of psychology and environmental studies but would like to get back to school. I have been going back and forth between a masters of psychology, clinical social work, nursing...
  10. N

    Illinois DPT Acceptance Stats

    Hi everyone! I’m a chicago native applying to 9 schools but my top schools are in Illinois. I have my stats below and it would be great if people could give advice on how I can improve. Also, if you’ve been accepted to these schools, it would be great if you could post your stats as well...
  11. T

    NPTE May 2020

    *Ensure that contents of the exam are NOT discussed within this forum! Congrats to those who have taken the May 2020 NPTE thus far and good luck to those yet to take it this month! I wanted to start this thread for 3 purposes - to see how everyone felt about the exam, to encourage each...
  12. T

    DPT CAPTE Accreditation - Coronavirus

    With the virus sending most (all?) programs online, does anyone know or foresee changes in required contact lab hours, given that contact hours are currently banned? Or is the running assumption that all programs will graduate behind?
  13. D

    How to get into DPT programs with low GPA?

    I'm on my second semester as a junior and I currently have: cGPA: 3.46 pGPA: 3.15 If I'm going to be honest, I wasn't passionate about becoming a PT until this semester and I haven't felt the motivation previously due to many family and personal complications getting in the way. I firmly...
  14. A

    DPT Interview Experiences

    Hi everyone! I am starting this thread hoping that you will share your DPT interview experiences. Please let us know about the details of your interview. What you were least prepared for, questions you were asked, essay topics, and overall thoughts! I'd also be interested in other details like...
  15. D

    Northwestern vs UIC DPT

    Anyone else deciding between Northwestern and UIC? Got accepted to both and having a hard time deciding which school I want to attend. Anyone have some insight or anyone in the same boat?
  16. S

    University of St. Augustine DPT FALL 2020 Thread (YELLOW CLASS)

    Haven't seen a fall 2020 thread. Only see a summer/spring one. Comment if you're applying for fall and which campus. I'm applying to San Marcos Campus. cGPA: 3.39 pGPA:3.3 GRE: combined 291 141V 150Q 3A scienceGPA:3.02 Observation Hours: 190 Letter of Recs: 4 when I applied: 10/15 ...
  17. M

    Supplemental essay help - how does this set you apart?

    Hello everyone, I am having a hard time answering this supplemental essay: “What is important for us to know about you that may not be evident in the rest of your application? How does this set you apart as an applicant to our program?” I’ve been working as an rehab tech the past 4 years and...
  18. hermionegranger9

    DPT Shadowing Hours: Hours from High School? Hours from an MD?

    2 questions about Shadowing hours for DPT programs (FOR PTCAS) If you have shadowing hours from high school (senior year) 2015 from a PT, can you use this in PTCAS for an application for the 2018-2019 cycle? They are 20 hours of pediatrics shadowing hours at a cerebral palsy institute. Is it...
  19. hermionegranger9

    Florida School

    Florida schools -uf -um -fsu
  20. D

    Pre-Physical Therapy

    Hi everyone would really appreciate some input on my app! So I recently switched over from pre-dental to pre-physical therapy. I’m not sure what my chances will be after switching. I have over 300 hours shadowing dentists but over 200 hours shadowing pts (pediatrics and outpatients sports med)...
  21. S

    Low Gre advice

    Gre: 12/12/2018 1st: 140V, 144Q 2.5A 09/09/2019 2nd: 142V, 144Q 3.0A 11/18/2019 3rd: 141V, 150Q 3.0A <sending 3rd score c-gpa: 3.39 p-gpa: 3.307 with lab, 3.442 without lab Observation Hours: 25 inpatient pediatric, 80 aquatic, 25 ortho, 60 outpatient pediatric (neuro/sports/developmental)...
  22. dannibambi

    Discharging a Previous Therapist's Patients Whom I've Never Treated?

    Hello, I have a question about d/c: I work for a small-practice clinic in which I am the only therapist (and a recent grad) and the owners of the practice are physicians. They just told me to d/c the previous therapist's patients from last year, whom I have never seen or treated. The patients...
  23. C


    hi all, i'm having trouble deciding between two programs in tx: TWU and UTMB. TWU didn't interview so I don't know the vibe that well, but i'll be visiting the campus next week to get a better feel. i was wondering if yall could share any experiences with either program / why you picked the...
  24. J

    Rutgers South DPT Questions for Current/Past Students!!!

    Hi, so classes start in a few months and I just had a few questions that's been on my mind about student life at Rutgers South lol Any response is appreciated! 1. Does the school offer any sort of housing? I'm assuming no, but just wanted to be completely sure. 2. For those living in the...
  25. C

    TWU vs. UTMB DPT

    hi all, i'm having trouble deciding between two programs in tx: TWU and UTMB. TWU didn't interview so I don't know the vibe that well, but i'll be visiting the campus next week to get a better feel. i was wondering if yall could share any experiences with either program / why you picked the...
  26. J

    GRE Statistics

    Hey everyone, I hope this is allowed. After taking the GRE this past weekend and seeing numerous posts and discussions about the results, I went digging through ETS to find some true statistics. As it turns out, when you tell them your intended graduate degree, they use it to sort us and...
  27. L

    West Virginia University DPT Class of 2022

    Hey everyone! I have recently been accepted into and submitted my deposit for the DPT program at WVU. I just wanted to see if anyone else has been accepted and plans on attending. I would love to chat with some future classmates! Hope to hear back from you guys soon :)
  28. A

    Waitlisters 2018-2019

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to commiserating our waitlist status. If you've been waitlisted like me, post which schools you're waiting on!! We got this guys!!!! :clap:
  29. A

    University of the Pacific DPT Class of 2021

    Hi! Has anyone heard anything from UOP after the interview?
  30. B

    Help me choose! U of Utah vs. Regis University

    Hi! I am weighing out the pros and cons between these two schools. I am a California resident so I would apply for residency in Utah. Regis is private so it doesn't matter. I am into rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, really anything outdoors so I know both of these schools have plenty of that...
  31. Z

    NSU Tampa DPT Questions

    Hey guys! I'm getting ready to apply to schools this summer and the NSU Tampa hybrid program seems very interesting to me and is one of my top choices. I was just wondering how those who are attending this program or have attended this program feel about it, and whether or not you feel having...
  32. theheartyroots

    Ask a real PT any questions you have!

    Hi everyone! I'm a former PT applicant, former PT student, and current practicing PT! I wanted to provide some insight to current and future individuals looking to apply to PT or make a career out of this. I am 2 years out of physical therapy school but it still feels like I was just applying...
  33. A

    University of Colorado Class of December 2021

  34. GirlsGoneGaga

    Help me decide

    I am currently living in FL and am having a tough time deciding where I should go for PT school. I have been accepted to UF, Columbia, and Northwestern. Financially speaking, UF is the cheapest of the three, but I do think life experience would be no doubt the best if I went to Columbia. Which...
  35. GirlsGoneGaga

    DPT Decision: UF vs Columbia

    Hey peeps. I seem to be in a bit of a dilemma (although i prob shouldn't complain) but, i have been admitted to my top 2 choices for physical therapy: University of Florida & Columbia University. Speaking as the most indecisive person ever, I need someone to tell me what the best decision is to...
  36. A

    DPT Stats.. What do you think?

    Hello guys I would like to share my stats and let me know what do you think about my chances to get accepted for DPT school. I am goint to apply to schools that require GRE’s. Male, Orginally from Cyprus, 24 years old Bachelor of Science: Athletic Training, GPA - 3.5 I am curently Certified...
  37. D

    Midwestern (AZ) 2021

    Hello! Does anyone have any opinions about Midwestern in Arizona? I think I'm going to put my deposit down, but I'd like to collect as much information as I can before making my final decision. Any opinions/things you've heard about the program, faculty, school in general, finances would be a...
  38. F

    California DPT 2019 acceptances

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone has been accepted or received interviews for these schools in CA: University of st Augustine San Marcos University of the pacific Western university Chapman university USC West Coast university Mount St Mary’s CSU Long Beach If so, what were your stats? Thanks!!!
  39. J

    Rutgers South DPT Class of 2022 Facebook Page!

    CONGRATS to everyone that was accepted and is committed to Rutgers South's DPT Program! There were no FB pages that were made yet and past students created their own, sooo here ya go lol It'd be much easier to get to know each other or just get a feel of who'll be in our class and share info...
  40. P

    University of St. Augustine Miami

    I was just recently accepted into the 2019 fall program for the University of St. Augustine in Miami. Had anyone else been accepted and, if so, do you plan on attending the program.