Aug 8, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
Most of the schools I'm applying to accept upper level courses that I have A's in, but PTCAS says specifically...
  • "If you have taken advanced courses in the same subject, only match the introductory or general course to the appropriate prerequisite. For instance, do not match advanced biology courses to “Biology 1”."
I was wondering if each school calculates their own pre req gpa and substitute in the courses from my transcripts that they accept? I emailed one of the schools I'm applying to and they told me they do accept upper level replacement courses but they didn't tell me if they calculate their own specific pre-req gpa...

- Btw my PTCAS core pre-req GPA is 3.50 but with upper level courses it would be around 3.68-3.75
Jun 29, 2015
Physical Therapy Student
Yes, if the school says thy will accept your upper level classes in replace of the lower level prerequisites they will, and most schools do calculate their own prerequisite GPAs because they have added or missing classes different from PTCAS.
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