pre-reqs before applying + advice ???

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Nov 12, 2003
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hi , I am a non-science and targetting for 2005 admit. I am Missouri resident but have done my masters from U-Mich ann arbor (Software).

Do I have to take all 2 GenChem, 2 orgoChem, 2 Bio (all with lab) before we can apply for admission. As i am taking GenChem 2, Intro to Bio and Organic Chem 1 starting Jan. I have already taken Physics, Maths and Gen Chem 1 in my undergrad lots of years back.

It all depends on which courses are offerred in summer sem and which will directly impact whether i am able to finish all prereqs before i can apply for dental schools. But atmost I can take another Bio course and Orgo 2. Which meets basic requirements of all the schools (but really BASIC),.,.i dont know how much my application weigh with just basic course requirements.,.,they might also consider me from minority group (Asian) but not international.

is it school dependent that do they want applicants to have all prereqs before they can even apply ?

I dont even know when should i start preparing for DAT and how much i can delay it for 2005 admits.

I will really appreciate any advice which will help me (general or specific) from all experienced persons over here.


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Aug 18, 2003
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You are not a minority. First select the schools that you would
like to apply to. Go to web sites and they specify what you got
to have as subjects and credit hours.

The GPA & DAT numbers at following site are pretty much correct:

Start Preparation for DAT in the beginning of the year, take it
in June 2004, so that you have ample of time to apply for
Aug / Sept 2005 admissions. Before taking DAT, take practice
tests (more you take better you get).

There are many links specified at:

These links will give you good idea about most of the things you
would like to know. All the bet friend.