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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the secondary thing works. I've recieved 3 secondaries (NOVA, Pikeville, PCOM) so far an 2 rejects and I am wondering (and I don't mean to sound pessimistic) do schools just send everyone out a secodary or do they prescreen????? I mean I'm just curious to how some schools rejected me so fast and others sent me a secondary. I know that I will have rejects along the way........that's just part of the process. But I'm wondering are the schools just sending out secondaries for some extra app. fees.

Just so you might be able to answer my question a lil better I have a under-grad GPA of............well let's just say it's REALLY not up to par, a grad GPA of 3.16 but it's only a semesters worth of classes, and a MCAT of 24 (10BS, 8PS, 6VR). Anyway that's about it.

So anyone with any insight into this godforsaken application process let me know what's up with the pre-screening

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