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preadmission SGU

Discussion in 'Caribbean' started by MDandreea, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. MDandreea

    MDandreea 2+ Year Member

    Mar 29, 2008

    After applying to SGU in february with all the supporting documents minus mcat score because i will take it for the fisrt time this septem,ber, i was preaccepted yesterday. they told me basically that i'm in as long as i'm getting at least 8 on each section of MCAT and i'm finishing my biology degree.
    does anyone know what does this mean? would that mean that they don't give such a high importance to mcat as long as i was preaccepted without the score? what are my chances?
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  3. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    It means if you screw up the MCAT super bad like 17 you are not in, it is conditional, US schools do this too, 8 8 8 is 24, a fair MCAT

    A good MCAT is 30

    If you have a Good GPA like 3.5 and end up with a 30 or better MCAT I would apply to US schools and forget SGU.

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