Preliminary/Transitional Year Interview thread 2017-2018

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This is sort of a necro bump, but I wanted to let everyone know that Crozer-Chester is no longer a cush program. In fact I'd start saying it's malignant. DO NOT APPLY. Everything you have heard about the changes to the TY program is true - the new director outright lied to the current residents during interviews (and on the website, which is now updated) about never doing any call during electives (you are now required to do one 24 hour ICU shift on a weekend and at LEAST one weekend night-float night each elective. Mostly it's two weekends of nightfloat, overall you effectively have 1 weekend free on electives). Regarding these changes, the director could not care any less - she portrays herself as someone who champions for her students but it's actually opposite, exploding out of anger in public spaces when confronted about these changes and even gossiping about her residents in public (within earshot of a lot of people).

Additionally, you will work at least 70+ hours on floors with frequent duty violations (which they hint at not reporting). Working a hard schedules is is usually not a problem if there is good teaching, but compared to my academic institution there is effectively no teaching going around. The program places most expectations on the TY's compared to the categorical interns because the skill level of the categorical medicine interns is shockingly low at the start of the year- ALL call/nightfloat coverage as well as jeopardy is covered by TY's and NOT categoricals during the several months of the year. On top of that, because you are just a TY for a year, you are used as a fill-in for all the worst schedules and your needs are assessed as last priority. You get days assigned that other residents don't want (i.g. for peds you will work every weekend because the real peds residents want to work only weekday shifts)

Possibly worst of all is that they got rid of the chief resident position and two third years are chief - as a result of their limited time, schedules are only released 1-2 weeks before each block with changes occurring to your schedules even the week prior, rendering almost impossible to plan for anything - there's no way you will be able to use your vacation days. Everyone there was expecting something way different and are now drained. I just wanted to do you guys a favor and give everyone a heads up.

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Was wondering if anyone has seen the 2018-2019 version of this thread? Would really appreciate it!!