PreMed Internships for the summer and ED to Med School

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Mar 18, 2004
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Hey Guys - New to the forum!

I have a question about these research programs for the summer that are for premeds and u do like projects in microbio, immunology etc. How hard is it to get accepted to these programs? Are they really selective? I am thinking of applying...any advice?

Also, another question - i am thinking of applying to med school for early decision at the end of my sophomore year (w/o taking the MCAT) and I was wondering how hard it is to get into those types of programs. I don't go to undergrad at that institution so I am wondering whether it is even worthwhile to apply......?? What do they look at if you apply for that early decision program?

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I can actually answer both of your questions oddly enough. Yes, summer programs are fairly hard to get into. I applied to ~15 last year, got accepted to one and made alternate to another. The big ones have about 1000 applicants for around 20 spots. They are worth it though. I couldn't have asked for a better summer. You may be a little late for this summer though. Most deadlines were March 1.

I also applied to an early acceptance program and got in. I didn't have to take the MCAT (and therefore didn't have to slave over the study books for months :D ) It's a great way to get into medical school if it is a school that you can see yourself at for four years. Just think, you'll know as a junior what you're going to be doing for the next four years of your life. Most people are under a lot of stress their senior year when applying and you won't have any of that. As for your chances, I don't know. Even if you don't get in you'll have gained valuable experience in the process since you'll go through AMCAS, secondaries, and interviews. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so if you like the school do it. Just curious, what school are you thinking about applying to early?
I've never heard of this type of program, could someone elaborate on it?
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Thanks Hallm for your repsonse. I have gotten accepted to one already so I was just wondering how hard it is to get in...See where I am in the acceptance pool and all. I am thinking of applying Wake Forest early. Do you have any idea how many people get accepted this way?
I can't answer your early decision question. I would guess though, that it is unlikely they accept anyone as sophomores in college. Early decision application season usually starts in the middle of the junior year, maybe January.

For summer research: no need to apply to formal programs. You can look for summer jobs on campus, or inquire with your teachers. This is what most undergraduates do, I think.
I've actually read about Wake's early acceptance program on their website. I don't know how competitive it is, but there isn't any real downside that I can see to getting in early.

Congrats on being accepted to your summer program. I really enjoyed my program last year. Since there are other undergrads there you can get together on the weekends and there is usually a day during the week set aside for a seminar and lunch.

There's a difference between the program that DMB is talking about and early decision. Early acceptance/Early assurance programs take place during the junior year in most cases and they don't require the MCAT. You still have to go through AMCAS, secondaries and interviews, you just do it a year early. Only certain schools have this as well, so you have to check out each school individually.
Hallm - Where did you go for your summer program? Was the stuff that you did challenging? I'm a little worried bec. I haven't had any research experience since HS!!
Check your PM's. I just sent you something.
So what is this that they are talking about? Its possible to apply to med school after your sophmore year? I never heard this before...can you elaborate a little for me
Yeah, some schools have programs that allow you to gain acceptance during your sophomore year of college. I think most school use it as a way to recruit quality students early on. If you get into one of these programs you make a committment to attend that school. They don't require an MCAT because you apply before the April MCAT. You still apply through AMCAS, you just do it the cycle before you normally would. For example, if you were going to matriculate in 2006 then you would apply at the same time as those applying traditonally for matriculation in '05.

The negative is that it locks you into a school, but that's not a big deal if you want to go to that school. The positives are that you don't have to take the MCAT which relieves stress, frees up time, and gets rid of a big X factor in your application. Also, by the spring semester of your junior year you will know if you got into medical school, so your senior year is really stress free.