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Apr 29, 2002
Hi everyone, this is going to be a question that's probably been asked before but...

Do you have to finish all your premeds before applying? Can you save one or two classes for senior year or must you get them all done by the end of junior year?

Thanks in advance


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May 11, 2002
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the only commenting after street philosopher is because i know us sdners like several opinions, so:
Originally posted by Street Philosopher
you can finish them later.
some schools have restrictions on exactly the number of prereqs you can complete after you apply but if you only have a couple, then you have nothing to worry about
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Oct 14, 2000
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There are two kinds of answers to such a question.

1 The "legal" answer is the one offered corrrectly by the previous responders.

2 The "common sense" answer. If you have a beautiful A record in the sciences, it is to be expected that will continue into the senior year, but there is no way to guarantee that. Depending on what your record looks looks like, it may ot may not be safe to postpone those courses until your senior year. If you are taking only the minimum science requirements, you may be running some risk of not being looked at early.

Other considerations:

a By not finishing the requirements until your senior year you might leave the impression that you have little confidence in your ability to earn competitive grades.

b You cannot be sure of the future. If something unexpected happens, and you don't finish the required courses before medical school classes begin (on the assumption that you will have an acceptance), your acceptance will be rescinded.

c If because of the late finish, you end up on a wait-list, there is no guarantee that will morph into an acceptance.

d Where you attend college might make some difference, as will the quality of your recommendations.

You must decide on the risk/benefit ratio.

If you have a premedical advisor, consult her/him.


moreover - it would be slightly more difficult to take the mcats without some pre-med courses - but if you're talkin about something like biochem which is a requirement at some schools, then don't worry about it.



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Nov 28, 2001
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Jot is right. Don't jeoparidize missing something on the MCAT by taking the prereq class later. Some upper level bio course, calculus or Englich can wait, but not the intro bio, gen chem, physics, and o-chem.
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