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Jul 15, 2002
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Hi All! Does anyone know of any good books, internet sites, articles, etc... that are good for interview preparation?? (Besides the specific school webpages)


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Oct 16, 2001
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If you'd like some additional information on schools, there's a medical student survey site on AMSA: http://www.amsa.org/resource/cardev/medresults.cfm.
Though the sample size is small, you may find the comments at the end to be helpful.
Also, I read Norman Gevitz's "The D.O.'s: Osteopathic Medicine in America" and I found it to be a good pre-interview read.
Also, interviewfeedback.com is down right now, BUT check the site from time to time...I think it may be up shortly. I found this site to be invaluable.

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