Nov 30, 2010
I will be retaking my physics 2 class next summer as a grade but im afraid that I will have to place the class this semester as no credit. I know no credit looks bad, but how bad does it really look especially for a prerequisite class (again im retaking the class next summer).
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Oct 5, 2013
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Newsflash. Pharmacy is a dead career.
We are sold out on bull**** here. Please see the facts below.

I support you pursing any doctoral degree with a certain and positive return on investment.
The Occupational Outlook Handbook uses the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Here is the klinker the authors admit that these statistics are not equipped to predict a surplus of workers, but we are.

REAL TIME snapshot aboard the US BLS.
We can't get off, but you don't have to get on.

Read for yourself. Below the link is a snip it of critical interest that is a key to this dichotomy.

A note about labor shortages and surpluses in the context of long-term
economic projections

Users of these data should not assume that the difference between the
projected increase in the labor force and the projected increase in
employment implies a labor shortage or surplus.

The BLS projections
assume labor market equilibrium, that is,
one in which labor supply meets labor demand except for some
degree of frictional unemployment.
You still get to pay back the loans kid. What you will never recover is your time and your youth. I hope that answers your question. :oops: