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Oct 4, 2008
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I wear prescription glasses for nearsightedness sometimes as my vision for distance is somewhat poor with slight astigmatism. So I mostly need glasses for driving and reading far away (classroom board). I do not wear contacts, and only wear glasses in the classroom, TV, or driving. I need to purchase loupes, however, I would like to know if I should add my prescription to the telescope lens in addition to the main lens. Does anyone have any experience with this please?

I talked to several eye doctors and some have said that using my glasses for reading up close would hinder my vision in the long run (for farsightedness), but others have said that it would not make any difference. I will definitely be adding the prescription lenses to the main part of the loupes, I just wanted to know if I should also add them to the telescope lenses as well...

My prescription is: DV
OD: -1.25 spherical, and -0.50 cylindrical
OS: -1.00 spherical, and -0.75 cylindrical

Thank you
I am wondering about this as well. I also have myopia (-1.5 and -1) and I'm wondering if I need prescription on my loupes. To be honest, I've never heard of having prescription on your telescope... I thought it was only on the glasses part?

If no one answers, I'll try to get an answer for you when we have our loupe symposium on sept 8 I think... I'm just gonna ask the reps and try them on myself.

I'm leaning towards no for prescription loupes since my myopia isn't that severe... and adding a prescription is so expensive : (


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Nov 19, 2008
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In talking with a rep or two, some companies actually put your prescription into the telescopic lenses, and some somehow just modify the working distance to compensate for the prescription (something along those lines). I assume the later works because when people look through my telescopes (with my Rx in them), they can get it into focus if they use a different working distance. Anyways, I would tell them your Rx if you use it - you might as well see what they say.
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