Aug 25, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

I’ve unfortunately had two failing medical school application cycles in 2015-16 and 2016-17. I am a CA resident.

In the 2015 cycle (38 MD schools) I interviewed at Albany medical college, was on UC and the waitlist but failed to get an acceptance.

During 2016-17 (30 MD schools, 4 DO schools applied late), I interviewed at USF Morsani for the Select program, was waitlisted and subsequently, rejected.

My stats: MCAT 28 (2012), MCAT 32 (2014)

uGPA: 3.25, Graduated 2013, BA (From a top 25 private school)

gGPA: 3.75, Graduated 2016 MS (From a top 25 private school)

Research Volunteer: undergrad research (1.5 years)

Research Employment: Lab technician (3 years)

Clinical Volunteering/Shadowing: (480 hours)

Clinical Employment: Scrub technician (720 hours), Clinical research coordinator (1.5 years)

Community Volunteer: 220 hours educate disadvantaged children

6 Publications. All publications are IF >8 including 1 first author review article

I presume my uGPA is holding me back from getting more interviews, however, I’ve been flirting with the idea of either, 1) Going to the Caribbean (SGA, AUC, ROSS) (start May 2018) or retaking the mcat and either 2) Going to Ireland through ABP (start Sept 2018) 3) Going to Australia with the Ochsner program (Start Feb 2019) 4) Waiting longer and applying to DO schools and possibly a few MD schools if I do a little better on the MCAT (start Aug 2019).

My question is what do you think about my situation? What would you do? And let's say if I retake the MCAT and I do a little better, is there really a significant increase in value of my application? Sure I’m older, wiser and more experienced but overall it doesn’t change very much. I already had the 88% percentile when I applied two times previously and received interviews each application, albeit only one each cycle.

What can I do? I'm getting older (graduated ugrad in 2013) and I want to begin my career ASAP.

Please lend me your words of wisdom and inevitably, your obnoxious thoughts.
Sep 15, 2012
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If you want to begin your career as soon as possible then apply broadly to at least 15 DO schools in the next week and submit all your secondaries by late September. Include all these schools:









VCOM (all 3 schools)



LECOM (both schools)
You can also apply to any other DO schools that appeal to you including the CA schools.
Your MCAT is fine. It is your low GPA that is hurting your chances. After 2 MD application cycles and only 2 interviews it is time to consider alternatives and DO schools are the best alternative.
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Apply to a lot more DO schools....did you shadow a DO?

Don't go carribean.
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