Princeton Review Verbal Workbook Question

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Jul 7, 2001
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Hi everyone who has done the verbal workbook practice tests, how much do they resemble the real thing? Also, should I be using the scale in the Princeton Review A-D test book?
I got an 8 :( according to the A-D Test score conversion. Would this be an 8 on the real thing, or would it be more or less?

Thanks everyone :clap:

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the verbal workbook passages and practice tests are much harder than the real MCAT I thought. There are more ambiguous questions per passage in the workbook than the real MCAT, so i'd give yourself a few more minutes for each passage. I think what's more important during practice is to get the right answer and not be rushed for time. I scored 9's on the workbook tests and got a 12 on the real MCAT. Don't fret.

About A-D. These tests are insane. Just use them for practice. I got 8's on these too, but my scores jumped on the real thing. i think you're already in a great position to score well in april.
Good luck!
When I did the verbal, I aimed to miss 10 or less. If you can do that, then you've got a good MCAT score, I believe a 9/10 and higher.
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Verbal is pretty close. I've heard sciences are much tougher, but I haven't really noticed. Maybe I improved magically from the last time, although I didn't study much since 4/01 and the new diag, so that might explain it. The questions aren't too hard as long as you don't rush yourself. I found that if I didn't take time as a factor, and just took the time to go back to the passage or really think about the answer choices, I did pretty well. I even finished on time for all 3 sections, which is strange because it seemed like I took forever on a lot of the questions...

At this point you shouldn't worry about the scores anyway... it's all about gaining experience. :)
•••quote:•••Originally posted by gizzdogg:
•About A-D. These tests are insane. Just use them for practice. I got 8's on these too, but my scores jumped on the real thing. i think you're already in a great position to score well in april.
Good luck!•••••I'd have to second that notion! Those tests are just ridiculous. I took one of those tests on my own like 5 weeks into the course and I think I scored a 17 (Test D). But then I spoke with a friend of mine who took test D a week before the real thing and said he scored in the low 20's and it really freaked him out (it must not have freaked him out that much because he ended up getting a 37 on the real thing!). So case in point, use them for practice if you run out of other material, otherwise don't waste your time and energy 'cause those tests are just ego-smashers.

As for the verbal workbook problems, they are much harder than the real thing. If I were you I would order the verbal passage packet that is put out by the AAMC, they were closer to the real things (though I thought a bit easier) and will help you to more accurately gauge your progress.

Good luck to you in April! Take care. Ciao.
Hey Premed,
I've been wondering where you've been! DId you take Verbal Practice Test 1 in the Verbal Workbook for 2002? I actually thought that test was pretty easy. According to their scoring I made an 11 (missed 12) and had about 25 minutes to spare. If you took another verbal test, then maybe the scoring would be different. What I'm trying to do right now is miss no more than 2 in each passage.
How are your sciences coming? For me it's still the physics that's kicking my ass!
Hope your studying is going well!

TPR made those tests A-D extra hard to cover their statement, "our passages will prepare you for the mcat" after I took one of those tests I threw that book out. It was obvious that they were not good representations of the real mcat, and the other book they give you (two peoples names on it) was too easy. there in class practice tests are better and I thought, all in all, that they were a pretty good representation. the real mcat's verbal section (when I took it) was notably more difficult than the TPR tests.

Throw those A-D things out!
I also took TPR and found the real MCAT verbal section to be more difficult than the TPR stuff.