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Aug 17, 2002
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Ok, i know this has been raised before. But why on the AMCAS main page, it says that the application has been transmitted to certain schools, but when you go to print application, not all of the show up. Also, has anyone's application been transmitted to Loyola University in Chicago, mine is still blank and i submitted 7/13/02. Thanks


because it has not been transmitted yet (at least the final version). What will happen is the final will be transmitted (and these dates will change) and then get listed when you print app. I was processed on the 8th and still not all my schools have been transmitted. I think our only option is to sit tight.



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Jun 9, 2002
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amcas sent out an email saying that some schools will only be getting paper applications and wont transmit electronically, i dont know them all but the list includes loyola, drexel, and einstein as and others, i've already sent my secondary off to einstein. so dont sweat loyola not having a transmit date on your amcas
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