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Private Practice in Joplin, MO


New Member
Jul 18, 2017
    Come check out this great job opportunity in the Midwest!

    Anatomic/Clinical Pathology

    Non-academic practice seeks BC/BE AP/CP to join multidisciplinary practice. Anatomic pathology services, inpatient and outpatient clinical lab services to 3 hospitals and a large physician clinic.

    Major responsibilities include:
    Medical direction of the hospital clinical lab and OP clinic lab
    Medical center lab performs clinical lab tests, including blood bank/transfusion services, automated chemistry, immunochemistry, toxicology, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis and microbiology/virology testing.
    Medical center also serves as a referral lab for local clinics, physician offices and other regional facilities

    Joplin, Missouri
    Joplin is located in the southwestern corner of Missouri, in an area referred to as the Four State Area.
    Joplin has a population of approximately 50,000 and a daytime population of 240,000.
    The population within a 40-mile radius of Joplin is 400,000, making it Missouris fourth largest metropolitan area.
    Vibrant, family-oriented community offering safe, sophisticated living and amenities rare in a city this size.
    Breathtaking landscapes & wooded rolling hill terrain amongst the many area lakes and streams.
    Cost of living 17% below the national averageone of the lowest in the United States!
    Choose from public, private, or parochial schooling options along with a university and
    Variety of the 4-seasons supporting an abundance of recreational activities for the entire family year-round.
    Regional hub for 4-state region for employment, retail/shopping, and entertainment.

    Mercy Clinic is a physician-governed group of more than 2,000 medical providers across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. With access to Mercys facilities, electronic health records, telemedicine and each other, Mercy Clinic providers can give their patients the best care available, regardless of the patients location. Patients of Mercy Clinic providers can connect to their own health records and health teams anywhere they connect to the Internet. For more information, visit mymercy.net

    For further information, please contact:
    Sara McCleary, Physician Recruiter
    Mercy Clinic Physician Talent Selection
    Phone: 417-556-8963
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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