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Nov 24, 2014
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My friend recently told me today he practically had a somewhat fullproof to get into a state private dental school, I didn't agree that he would get in with those benefits and mediocre stats. Essentially he told me has about a 3.3sgpa and a 3.4ogpa and a 20AA on the DAT, which are the average statistics for the private schools in my state. In addition to those, he kept bragging about volunteering at that private school's hospital along with having his LOR come from a dentist who is faculty at that school. How important are those to the application? Would adcom's overlook other applicants due to that EC and LOR? Would they automatically receive at least an interview? P.S. there is no way his parents would donate money to the school.


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Jul 16, 2014
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connections will get your foot in the door. it's just the way of the world. and most private schools are statistically easier to get into. having those kinds of references will also help as well

there's no clear cut formula on how someone is accepted into dental school. a lot of things are factored.
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