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Oct 4, 2002
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hi everyone
I live in NY and am applying to about 7 schools, 2 state and 5 private. although I havent been accepted anywhere yet, I was wondering if is it worth attending a private school considering that on average, it will cost about twice as much as a state? From what I have gathered so far, residency selection is based primarily on board scores, grades, and LOR's from clinicals. Going to Harvard or Hopkins may help but I'm not sure if there is a huge difference between NYU/Cornell vs Stony Brook or NY medical college vs. Downstate except the cost. I imagine privates might have nicer facilities/dorms etc., but I think the quality of education is more or less similiiar. Anyhow, I was curious if this is an issue for anyone else out there. Considering what physicians make, I think there is a significant difference between owing 60K vs 120+K.


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Aug 1, 2002
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As a general rule, private schools give out more financial aid in the form of grants than do public schools. Private schools are well aware of the point that you just made regarding the price comparison with state schools; in order to be competitive financially, they offer more aid.

If you are in a position where you will show no demonstrated need (i.e., you or more likely your parents make too much money) then state schools will be the best option since loans will be the only form of financial assistance available to you.

If your folks aren't filthy rich, though, then go ahead and wait to get financial aid offers from the private schools - they should be pretty comparable. Then, you can base your decision on where to go on the important factors: how well you liked a school, its academic reputation, etc.
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