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Problem with topscore !!


Gifted Hands
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Aug 24, 2003
Columbus, OH
Originally posted by UFStudent
Having a problem with topscore.

When I try to set up a test, it says:

"Can't communicate with the OLE server ... (blah, blah, blah)"

Did anyone ever run into this problem?

Please help.

That's really odd - contact scholarware through their website or give them a call - they will fix the problem by emailing you a software which re-boots the CD, or they will replace the CD in the worst case.

Good Luck
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Poor Nerd
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 17, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
  1. Dental Student
Is the script block functional in computers without Norton AntiVirus? Here's my weird story. A couple of days ago, I took a Topscore exam. Everything was fine. Today, I opened up Topscore to review my missed questions (on the same computer) and half of the questions and 80% of the answers were missing! I went to the scholarware website and it said it may be due to Norton's script block.

The problem? I don't have Norton Antivirus 7.0 (I know, I'm a dork). I removed it a while ago. I do have Norton Firewall (I can't find a script block option for firewall). Thinking it was probably my computer, I went to 2 different computers. One with Norton Antivirus + Firewall, the other with absolutely no protection. Both produced the same results--the exams either didn't have a question or an answer.

I e-mailed scholarware and tried to contact Norton. Norton gave me the 30 minute wait (I just hung up) and scholarware doesn't even have a phone number. I did fill out a "support" form...and feel that they may not respond quickly.

If any of you have suggestions, please feel free to post. Thanks!
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